Our Top Services

  • Spay and neutering of dogs, cats and rabbits
  • Pet passports for dogs and cats
  • Vaccinations for puppies, kittens, dogs, cats and rabbits
  • Dentistry for dogs, cats and rabbits
  • Medical Investigations of Illness
  • Separate areas for dogs and cats
  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray (digital)
  • Laboratory: in-house
  • Surgery

“A fantastic practice! A lot of heart and a lot of soul for our four legged friends”


The rest of our services

Complete General Practice - including preventative health care, medicine (diagnosis and treatment), surgery and dentistry.
Preparation for general anaesthesia
Preventative Health Care - we believe health is more than just the absence of illness. We will regularly assess your pet’s health status and help your pet to live a life full of vigour.
Positioning a patient for x-rays
Referrals to Specialists - where required or at your request. We have excellent knowledge and relationships with specialists in the south east.
Pet Passport and Rabies Vaccination - Extensive experience in preparation for export both to Europe and the rest of the world. Our vets are Official Veterinarians, qualified to issue pet passports and export health certificates. Call us for a consultation to plan your pet’s export.
Nurses Clinics - including puppy and kitten welcome visits, follow up vaccinations, post-operative checks, weight loss clinics, dressing changes etc.
Eye examination- fluorescein dye test
Approved Weight Management Centre - we believe that maintaining an ideal body weight is a vital aspect of keeping your pet healthy. We not only offer intensive weight management clinics, but will also advise you on maintaining your pet’s weight in the healthy range throughout its life.
Cat Friendly Practice - the practice has been designed with cats in mind, from a cat separate waiting area, consulting room and ward, to a lot of specialist equipment just for cats, to staff attending courses just for cats and membership of the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM).
Separate wards for dogs and cats - so that all our patients are calm and relaxed whilst in hospital. Our cat ward cages are made from fibreglass which is warm, quiet and non-reflective, with clear glass doors. In our dog ward, we have cages ranging from Yorkshire Terrier size to our 2 meter long walk in cage for giant breeds.
Anaesthetic monitoring
Full dental facilities including equipment for full evaluation, teeth-cleaning and treatment of dental disease. Dental x-rays mean that we won’t miss disease that might be causing pain.
Nutrition advice to keep your pet healthy.
Eye examination- retina examination
Surgery- spay/ castration
Platforms for cat cages to help reduce nerves. We also invite cats directly into the consult room if free so that they can avoid dogs altogether and have towels to place over cages so that cats can hide away in the safety of their own carry-cage.
Complete range of equipment so that we can assure that your pet is quickly and safely assessed in house. For example, we can fully assess your pet’s eyes and ears, blood pressure, heart (with our ECG machine), under anaesthesia, and weight (all pet sizes). Much of our equipment can be connected to cameras to record photo and/or video. We have ultrasound and a state of the art x-ray machine.
Digital x-rays
Equipment for critical care of sick animals when needed, and ability to refer to specialist critical care teams where needed.
SMS reminders - of appointments, booked procedures, health checks, vaccinations and parasite prevention.
In-house laboratory/ microscope
In-house laboratory - we can perform blood and urine tests in house for urgent evaluation of your pet’s health status. Where more specialist tests are required, we have twice daily courier pick up of samples to an external laboratory.
Longer consults - so we have time to listen to what matters to you and give your pet a thorough check up every time.
Longer opening hours - until 7pm weekdays, and open Saturdays too!
Anaesthesia check-list
Client education - we will take our time to make sure you understand everything you need to know about your pet’s health. We are aided by audiovisual facilities and client handouts.
Isolation unit - to avoid spread of contagious disease.
Practice tours - we are always happy to show you around.
Careful attention and warming blanket as patient
Air conditioning and underfloor heating - to keep you and your pets comfortable at all times.
Dispensing of medicines or a prescription.