Our first surgical patients

Posted in | by | on 10th March, 2010

It wasn’t long after we opened that we had a chance to be glad that we have invested in the facilities that we have. In our opening week, we saw Schmitty, a vomiting bulldog who was very unwell indeed. Our digital xray system picked up a collection of spiky lumps in his abdomen and he was immediately taken to surgery, where we removed a chewed up toy that was blocking his stomach. We were able to closely monitor Schmitty’s anaesthetic and keep him warm in surgery with our special warm air blankets which ensure a quick recovery. He also benefited from precise delivery of IV fluids from our drip pumps to treat his dehydration. A few days later, he came bounding into the building for his first post-operative check, a very happy and boistrous patient, tail wagging and so happy to see us. Schmitty has not looked back.

More recently we saw Pepito, a poor kitten who had fallen from the 5th storey of a building in Putney. We were able to treat him for shock with our intensive care cage which delivers oxygen and warmth and with IV fluids to support his circulation. We were able to quickly assess his chest, abdomen and bones using our digital x-ray system. He spent a week in intensive care, benefiting from Belle’s expertise in nursing critical patients. Once Pepito was stable, we took him to surgery and discovered that his fracture was just too severe, and the decision was made to amputate his leg.¬†¬†Pepito was back walking on the day of his surgery, thanks to Alice’s excellent surgical skills and his plucky nature. What a lovely and brave cat.