Keeping up with your pet’s worming and flea treatments

Posted in | by | on 6th December, 2009

It can be a bit of a struggle to remember when your pet’s next worming and flea treatment is next due. One is due in a month, one is due in three months, you can’t quite remember the last time you gave it and it all gets a bit confusing.

The problem is that these treatments are actually very important for both your pet and your family. You don’t want your pet uncomfortable, or even worse, ill. You also don’t want your children to be catching any of those nasties, which unfortunately is possible. There is also that horrible new lungworm that dogs can catch which makes them very ill indeed.

Now you can have an email or SMS sent at regular intervals to remind you to do both treatments, if you register your details at This is an excellent service for pet owners and highly recommended. You can use this service regardless of which wormer you give your dog. Alternatively, set up a regular alarm though your electronic diary in your computer or mobile phone.