FAB for Cats!

Posted in | by | on 10th October, 2009

Everyone has heard of the RSPCA and most would know the Blue Cross, the PDSA and Cats Protection, but have you heard of the Feline Advisory Bureau? The FAB really does an amazing job and here at Molly and Max it is one of our favourite charities. We think they do such a great job in promoting the health and welfare of cats that we sincerely wish there was an equivalent for dogs!

The FAB helps owners, breeders, catteries and vets. If you have an interest in cats- they will have something for you. One of their initiatives is the Cat Friendly Practice, which advises vets how to make their practice as nice a place to be for their feline patients as possible. We had these guidelines very much in mind whilst designing our premises and we really believe that it’s made a big difference. The FAB also makes recommendations for catteries and has a list of approved catteries which follow their guidelines. For owners, they will keep you up to date with feline health, behaviour and general cat care, publish cat-friendly books and even hold conferences!

One of the FAB’s more recent initiatives is the Well Cat programme. This helps owners and vets to monitor cats’ health from kitten to old age, giving key recommendations for preventative health care for all life stages. You can order a health log booklet, where your cat’s health can be recorded for your own reference and, at the end of your cat’s life, can be submitted so that the FAB can build a knowledge base which will aid future generations of cats.

The FAB is a member of The Cat Group, which brings together feline veterinary and charity groups to further knowledge about caring for cats. The Cat Group publishes guidelines on the care and keeping of cats. The FAB also has close ties to the European Society of Feline Medicine and the ABCD (the European Advisory Board on Cat Diseases).

Please come and see us at Molly and Max when we open to ask us about any of these initiatives and how they can help your cat!