Our X-ray Machine

Posted in | by | on 24th September, 2009

Our x-ray system at Molly and Max is very special and we thought you might want to know why….

Firstly, it is a very powerful machine, which means that we can take excellent quality radiographs of all sizes of animals, from hamsters to Mastiffs and Great Danes. Lower powered machines can struggle to take good x-rays of larger dogs.

Secondly it is digital, allowing us to store all our x-rays on our computers; view them around the practice; put them on a disc for owners to take home; and even email them to specialists, who can then deliver a report within hours. We can also zoom in on small areas, enabling us to see more detail on areas such as toes and animals such as hamsters and guinea pigs.

Not all digital x-ray systems are equal. Ours is a DR system, which means that we can take x-rays in the same manner that you take a digital photo: the result is instantly available and we can take a series of x-rays in much shorter time. What usually takes 60 minutes takes us 10 minutes, shortening the length of time that your pet is sedated or anaesthetised, and thus can be safer for your pet. Because we can get the results faster, we can make decisions more quickly when pets are critically ill, which is a huge advantage. Many digital systems are CR, which still requires processing (like film) and therefore still takes a long time.

Our x-ray system is also able to adjust when the exposure isn’t perfect, providing a high quality picture every time. This means fewer non-diagnostic x-rays and therefore fewer repeat exposures, so your pet is less exposed to radiation, another great safety feature. The quality of the resulting x-rays is much higher than you would expect with a film processed x-ray.

With digital x-ray, we can see good detail in all parts of the x-ray, instead of just the small bit we focus on, increasing its diagnostic ability. We can also look at bone and soft tissue on the sameĀ film, instead of having to take more than one.

All this leads to better and safer treatment for your pets, so that we can help them to get well as quickly as possible!