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Our Top Services

Spay and neutering of dogs, cats and rabbits
Pet passports for dogs and cats
Vaccinations for puppies, kittens, dogs, cats and rabbits
Dentistry for dogs, cats and rabbits
X-ray (digital)
Laboratory: in-house

Complete general practice - including preventative health care, medicine (diagnosis and treatment), surgery and dentistry

20 minute consultations (30 minutes for new clients) - we have time to discuss what is important to you and your pet

Referrals to specialists - where required or at your request, and excellent relationships with local dog trainers, groomers, dog walkers and pet sitters

In House Laboratory - for performing blood and urine tests in house, for urgent evaluation of your pet's health status. Where more specialist tests are required, we have courier pick up of samples to an external laboratory every week day

Pet passport and vaccinations

Longer hours - that suit you

Nurses' clinics - weight management, diabetes, puppy preschool, fireworks phobia, over 8s, dental health

Client education - we will take our time to make sure you understand everything you need to know about your pet, in consultations, on the phone and at the front desk. We are aided by audiovisual facilities and client handouts

Separate wards for dogs and cats - so that all our patients are calm and relaxed whilst in hospital. Our cat ward cages are made from fibreglass which is warm, quiet and non-reflective, with clear glass doors. In our dog ward, we have cages ranging from Yorkshire Terrier size to our 2 meter long walk-in cage for giant breeds

Separate areas for dogs and cats - to keep everyone calm in the waiting room. We can arrange for very nervous cats and rabbits to come in when no dogs are present, to reduce their nerves

Tethers - for dog leads and platforms for cat and rabbit cages in the waiting room

State of the art diagnostic and treatment facilities - including full practice laboratory, direct digital xray (general and dental), top-of-the-line dental machine, and specially designed surgical suite that is MRSA resistant

Complete range of equipment - for example specialist ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes (for eyes and ears), tonometry to measure pressure in the eye, digital camera and video, electrosurgery unit, suction, blood pressure monitoring, ECG, multi-parameter monitoring for anaesthesia and critical cases, fluid pumps and syringe driver to enable precise delivery of medication over time, oxygen supply to all wards, scales for pets of all sizes, endoscope and ultrasound, dental equipment for dogs, cats and rabbits

Isolation unit - so that our patients are not exposed to contagious diseases

Practice tours - please ask at any time and we will be happy to show you around

SMS reminders - of your appointments and booked procedure

Air conditioning and underfloor heating - so that you and your pets are always comfortable

Dispensing of medicines or a prescription - for your convenience

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