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Molly & Max are members of:

Our vets are members of, and our registered veterinary nurse is registered with, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Useful Links

  • Reminder Service for Worming
  • Information on Lungworm- a potentially fatal disease of dogs. Emerging in the UK, especially in the south. Carried by foxes and snails.
  • DEFRA Pet Passport Scheme
  • Dogs Away- this company will make appointments with vets in Europe for your dog's tapeworm treatment before you travel back to the UK (as required for the pet passport scheme).
  • Company of Animals- for training and behaviour classes, and referral for behavioural problems. They also have a good range of dog products, beds and training devices.
  • Veterinary Pharmacy- Vet UK. We have used their service and found them to be reliable. They require prescriptions to be posted to them before they will dispense prescription medicines.
  • Vet Help Direct- will help you to check whether your pet needs to see a vet, and how urgently.
  • The Kennel Club- excellent for finding accredited breeders of purebred puppies.
  • The Cat Group Policy Statements- regarding timing of neutering, feline infectious disease and zoonotic diseases in cats.
  • The World Small Animal Veterinary Association guidelines on Vaccination. The WSAVA also produce guidelines on nutrition, hereditary diseases, liver disease, microchip identification, gastrointestinal disease and kidney disease.
  • Vital Pet Health- lots of good information from vets (including our very own Alice Duvernois) on keeping your pet healthy
  • PetLog- June is national microchipping month. Make sure your details are kept up to date on the database. Note that some microchips are automatically registered with other databases. You may choose to register any chip with Petlog for a fee.
  • Elizabeth Street Veterinary Clinic- our emergency after hours provider.
  • Sound Therapy 4 Pets- for any dog (or cat) with a noise phobia, or for socialising puppies. CLIX Sounds CD is also recommended for the same purpose and is available from the practice.
  • The Blue Dog- education for parents and children about how to avoid dog bites. We sell the CDs here at Molly & Max.
  • Feliway- for stressed cats
  • Adaptil- for anxious dogs, and also for helping with puppy socialisation
  • Pet Bereavement- Animal Samaritans and Pet Savers

Local Pet Businesses

Dog Trainer and Puppy Classes- Richard Grant. Puppy classes are held in St Dionis Church Hall on Parsons Green, every Monday night. Each course of puppy classes is 4 weeks long. Richard also will come to your home in the Fulham area for one-on-one training with your dog.

Very Important Pets also run an excellent 6 week long puppy training course in the Wimbledon area.

Dog Grooming/ Pet Shops:

Our local pet shop: see Rodney @ Hurlingham Pet Shop,
66 New King's Rd, London, SW6 4LT. Phone: 020 7736 5380

Dog Walkers/ Pet Sitters

Thank you to our builders who did a wonderful job building the practice, Preisler Construction. Martin and his team are highly recommended for both private and commercial renovations.

Online Pet Shops

  • Mungo and Maud- dog and cat outfitters- pet accessories that won’t clash with your décor. They also have a shop on Elizabeth St, Belgravia.
  • Canine Concepts- for cats and dogs, good for new puppies and behaviour related items, including games for dogs.
  • Canine Spirit- for dogs that love the outdoors
  • Holly & Lil- stunning collars and leads
  • Wild 4 Pets- a good variety of products for all sorts of pets
  • Quido Petz- lots of lovely collars.
  • Equafleece- fleece coats/ jumpers for dogs of all sizes

Pet Charities- if you are looking to rehome a pet, or donate:

Pet Insurance Companies

We highly recommend taking out pet insurance as soon as you pick up your pet from the breeder. Under FSA regulations, we are unable to recommend any particular insurance company. However, here is a list of some of the companies that provide pet insurance:

Please read the small print and find a policy that suits your needs when purchasing pet insurance. In particular, check whether your pet is covered for the first 12 months or for life. Also check the total amount that will be paid out per year on any one condition. The excess will vary between policies and in some cases may be variable depending on the premium paid each month. It is not uncommon for illnesses (and sometimes accidents as well) to be covered only after 14 days from when you take out the policy.

For further information on pet insurance and choosing a policy, go to the Which? website. Here you will also find reviews of different insurance policies.

Veterinary Specialist Centres

Local Hydrotherapy Providers

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